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Reshma Dordi

Executive Producer

Reshma Dordi, former Miss LA India, began her career with Palken Radio, featuring South Asian music and entertainment. After earning her degree in Communications, emphasizing Broadcast Journalism, Reshma joined CNN's Showbiz as a director and producer. Shortly after, Reshma established Pearl Entertainment, Inc., which hosts movie premiers, beauty pageants, and charitable events.


Tasneem Rahim

Producer, Host and Editor

Tasneem Rahim is a Host, Editor and Producer with a background in Journalism. Her passion for Bollywood, Movies and all things entertainment translates on-camera, making her a dynamic reporter and host. She has been with Showbiz India for over 12 years and you can catch her every week with the latest Movie Reviews. 

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Ayushi Chhabra

Producer and Host

Ayushi was born in India and raised in Nigeria and South Africa. She has an extensive background in Broadcast Journalism and she is best known as the television host for popular entertainment shows, 'Sizzle'(2013) and 'EastNStyle'(2014), broadcast across Africa on Africa News Network (ANN7). She also gained widespread acknowledgement as the producer for 'Vuka Africa'(2013).


Shay Ali

Entertainment News Host

Shay Ali is an Actor, dancer, stand up comedian, awesome uncle and our entertainment news anchor. You may have seen him on shows like The Big Bang Theory, Jane the Virgin and Casual. His favorite Bollywood film is the classic DDLJ and he knows the dance routines for every song in the film. 

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Atif Mirza

Director/Lead Editor

Atif Mirza is a filmmaker and has been with Showbiz India TV since 2005.

Showbiz India TV, 13223 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604, (818) 817-2703

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