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Taapsee Pannu is glad that people have finally started talking about pay disparity

Critically and commercially acclaimed actress Taapsee Pannu has always been outspoken about prevalent issues in Bollywood. Pay disparity in the entertainment industry is a common phenomenon which is not discussed as often out in the open. However, of late actors have become slightly more unabashed and developed courage to discuss this topic in open forums.

Recently, while interacting with a media portal, Taapsee said that she is glad that people are finally coming out to discuss such things openly. She also revealed that pay disparity isn’t confined to just the entertainment industry but exists everywhere. Talking about her profession, she emphasised how she would love to get paid as much as her male co-stars. However, she also feels the need to question the concept of being on par with male actors when it comes to finances. She added that it will be unfair to demand equal pay from producers if she isn’t the one fetching the audience to the theatres. Since the industry is so star-driven, Taapsee revealed that she will only demand equal pay as the male star when she feels that the audience is setting foot in theatres to watch her and just her on the big screen. Since most of her films have been female-oriented, talking along those lines Taapsee revealed how she gets three to four women-oriented scripts in a month. But since she can only do a certain number of projects in a year, she is carefully choosing scripts as they will help her build her future in Bollywood.


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