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Shreyas Talpade thanks Akshay Kumar for opening discussion on sanitary pads

Actor Shreyas Talpade, who was present to support a mission of providing 3,000 school girls with sanitary pads, thanked Bollywood star Akshay Kumar for opening up the discussion about menstrual hygiene through his film 'Pad Man'. Bharati Lavekar, an MLA here, on Monday announced her mission to provide sanitary pads to girls from 52 schools. Shreyas was present at the event to support the effort. Speaking about it,the actor said,"Thanks to films like 'Pad Man', today we are discussing this topic openly without any shame and embarrassment. Thanks to Akshay Kumar that we have that confidence in us because of the film and other initiatives taken around the country... I am very happy to be a part of it (this mission).

These kids who are getting help today will remember it tomorrow and help other kids".

The actor was asked to comment on how there are no results yet after the makers of 'Pad Man' said they took an initiative to make sanitary pads free of cost.

Shreyas said, "That's up to the government to do it and they are trying their best. Miracles don't happen overnight. You need to give it time. The government is aware of the issue and they are trying their best."

Also, it is for the people, by the people... So we also have to contribute that much too. Organisations that can afford to give it for free will, and those that can't, will give it at a subsidised rate. But the dream is to make basic hygiene products available at an affordable price in our country."


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