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Dipannita Sharma bags award for her debut web series

Actress-supermodel Dipannita Sharma, has always been passionate about the untapped beauty and tremendous potential of the North Eastern states. She along with her business partners has come up with a production house that will not just bring NE closer to the country but "will also bring it and the world closer to each other". In a chat with Bombay Times, she talks about her vision for the NE, upcoming projects of her production house and about bagging an award for her debut web series…

What led to the formation of the North East Film Studio? What’s your vision and aim behind this? The North East Film Studio is a vision that me and my partners Saugat Bhattacharya and Ronjoy Borthakur have come up with to create all kinds of media content that captures NE like never before. We have a strong connect to NE and our aim is to shoot mainstream Hindi, English and regional content there in a way to promote it and open it up for all kinds of shooting. NE is absolutely stunning and an ideal shooting location, especially now that there are a lot of benefits of shooting there including govt subsidies and that really needs to be tapped. We want NE to become a popular shooting destination just like any other part of our country and want to highlight that NE states are a very important part of our country. What kind of films will the North East Film Studio be into? We are going to produce our own content. Our first project will be a mainstream Hindi and also an English movie is going to be based in the NE and will highlight NE and tap the beauty and culture there. The web series 'Bewafaa Si Wafa' is you first attempt at the online world. And recently, you won an award too. Tell us about this… I won the Best Supporting Actress Award for 'Bewafaa Si Wafa'. It’s special and overwhelming because it’s probably the first real and popular award that I have won, though I have been nominated before. My first web series got me accolades and I think it is very encouraging and fulfilling to be appreciated for your work. That’s what I have always worked for. Your latest movie 'Morjim' is an upcoming thriller. How is it different from what you have done earlier? 'Morjim' is a quirky, edgy thriller. I have not played a character like this on screen before. You can see me in a very strong and interesting role. I am looking forward to the reaction of the audiences. It is on the final stages of post-production and is an exciting story and I hope the audience enjoy the movie as much as I loved playing the part.


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