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Aisha Ahmed is excited about her de-glam look in her debut film '3 Storeys'

Aisha Ahmed

Art seems to be imitating life for 21-year-old Aisha Ahmedin her Bollywood debut, '3 Storeys'. In the movie, the newcomer plays a Hindu girl, Malini Mathur, who would go to any extent to be with her Muslim boyfriend, Suhail Ansari (Ankit Rathi). Like her character — daughter to a single mother — Aisha has also been brought up by her mother. Her parents separated when she was a child.

Talking about her character and the similarities with her life, she says, “My character lives in a chawl and dotes on her mother, who has single-handedly brought her up after her father passed away. She is humble, yet headstrong. So, when she falls in love with a Muslim boy, she doesn’t care about his religious background. She believes that though her decision to be with her boyfriend will hurt her mom, she will accept him eventually.” She adds, “My parents got divorced and I live with my mother and stepfather, who has always been a great support.” Ask if her parents’ separation affected her and she replies, “While those close to me never made me feel that way, outsiders would never let me forget it. I was not in touch with my father initially, as he had moved to Dubai. However, while in boarding school, I met many girls from similar backgrounds and realised that it was nothing to be ashamed of. That’s when I reconnected with my father. Also, fortunately, my grandmother and mother had no bitterness towards my father. Today, I can have a mature conversation with my mother, father and stepfather.” Like most kids, Aisha aspired to be a pilot and then a lawyer, before the acting bug bit her. “I realised that I would be required to study a lot for both professions, so I gave up on the idea. I decided to pursue acting only when I was finishing my college in Mumbai. Fortunately, everything fell in place; I met the right people and I am here today. My mother has always been supportive of my decision,” she says. One would expect a 21-year-old at the onset of pursuing a career in Bollywood to take up the quintessential glam character, but Aisha has chosen an unconventional route, as she will be seen in a de-glam avatar in 3 Storeys. She shares, “I was excited about my look in the film. I would finish my make-up in 15 minutes and spend time rehearsing my lines. There was absolutely no hassle and I loved it.”


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