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'Beyond The Clouds' proves cinema can cross language barriers

A still from the film

Renowned Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi believes that language is never a barrier for cinematic expression. And, with his next, 'Beyond The Clouds', he has taken that belief many notches higher by telling an Indian story in an Indian setting, with the crew also from our country.

A year since Majid Majidi began his India sojourn with a mahurat shot of the film at Mumbai's Mukesh Mills, its trailer will be launched in the city today. Alongside him will be his lead cast — debutant Ishaan Khatter and Malavika Mohanan— music director AR Rahman, the film's Hindi dialogue writer Vishal Bhardwaj and the producers. The movie, largely in Hindi with a few dialogues in English and Tamil, is slated to release on March 23.

Sujay Kutty of Zee Studios, says, "This film brings together cultural and language variations of all kinds — Majidi's Iranian roots, Malavika's Malayalam origin and Gautam Ghose's (actor) Bengali background, to name a few. It's been one big melting pot, bound by Majidi's vision. We are glad to align with his unique expedition to further our participation in the global cinematic landscape." Producer Shareen Mantri Kedia of Namah Pictures says, "It's incredible to see how Majidi has captured the Indian flavour and sentiments so beautifully. He is a testament to the belief that stories can't be bound by language. An honest emotion and heartfelt expression will find its way into the hearts of audiences no matter where they come from." Co-producer Kishore Arora adds, "Watching Majidi guide Ishaan, Malavika and the entire team through his vision and ushering them into this new world, enveloped with his strong faith, was heartwarming. Working with him has been a riveting experience and I am proud of the outcome of our labour of love."


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