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Adhyayan Suman to debut as a singer

Adhyayan Suman is all set to debut as a singer with his upcoming single 'Main Saariyan Nu Chaddeya'. The 29-year-old actor said that the song is a bag of emotions, which he experienced in his life, especially in the last 7 yrs. The 'Ishq Click' star said, "I didnt train vocally because I wanted keep my emotions in the forefront and not the technical part of it ..of course I was very particular about not using the auto tuner or over processing my voice. The rawness is what I prefer".

"'Main Saariyan Nu Chaddeya' is not just a song, it's a bag of emotions which I have experienced in my life, especially in the last 7 yrs. The turmoil the anxiety the frustration, failures , being called a failure on national television to meeting a beautiful soul friend who eventually inspired me to create this song," he added. The 'Raaz: The Mystery Continues' star said that he wishes to show the world his real side. He claims the video to be one of the most expensive single videos, which costed more than Rs 50 lakh just on production, opposite Italian model Jeniffer Piccinato. Harshit Chauhan has composed music for Adhyayan and will be released on December 20.


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