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Shah Rukh Khan: Longevity of stardom will be less in future

As the reach of a star is growing at a rapid pace, the concept of stardom is changing and affecting its longevity, said superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who has clocked over 25 years in Indian showbiz and continues to rule the hearts of millions. On his 52nd birthday on Thursday, Shah Rukh told the media, "Honestly, I think the longevity of stardom will be less in future, unlike our time, because of the simple logic of faster reach to the audience. I think the concept of super stardom will change. In fact, it has started changing."

"Earlier, it used to take three months for a film to get released all over India. Now it takes three seconds for a film to reach our mobile phone. For me, from when I made a debut to becoming a star, it took 10 years because people took some time to know me, then slowly they became fans... Now, for a young actor, it just takes a year to gain popularity." "So, the longevity of 30 years will go down a bit. Things are going to come and go faster." Shah Rukh also pointed at the possibility of having a musical superstar. "Like they have in the West... like Chris Martin... Because music is getting celebrated beyond films, goes independent on digital platforms. There will be a digital superstar. The concept of stardom will change with time," he added.

The actor was overwhelmed with the 'sea of love' - the crowd outside his house on his birthday - and umpteen wishes on social media for his special day. Talking about how digital entertainment was posing a challenge for the cinema world, Shah Rukh said, "I think when it comes to cinematic experience, we can offer a much bigger canvas because that is possible through digital shooting, camera, 3D and other technology." "What we can do today with cinema is unfathomable. In the near future, we can experience interactive cinema, where we all can watch a story on big screen with a different experience. Therefore, I think cinema won't die, but a new way of experiencing cinema will come."


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