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Neha Dhupia: Being public face makes a difference

Actress Neha Dhupia says as a celebrity she has always gravitated to issues close to her heart, adding that "public face makes a very big difference".

The actress has joined hands with beauty brand Kiehl's and Teach For India to educate underprivileged children. Neha said that people tend to stop and pay attention to an issue with a celebrity on board. "I think the fact that you are a public face makes a very big difference. More importantly people try and listen and probably I think as a brand you leverage yourself to the things you believe in and education is something that I believe in and I like to leverage myself towards it," Neha told IANS. Sometimes actors are condemned for taking away the focus from the issue. But Neha has an entirely different view. She said: "I feel like if the spotlight goes anywhere, honestly the initiative is being taken forward. It doesn't really matter where the spotlight goes as long as the money goes to the right place."Under the partnership, all the proceedings from the sale of the Ultra Facial Cream will go to the Teach For India - to improve access to quality education in under-resourced schools. Neha, who has stepped into the non-fiction space on TV through forthcoming show 'MTV Roadies X4', said she "believes in spreading the word on education".

"I feel the one way of covering that up (providing education to all) is that the privilege citizen of the country should be able to take the message forward and be able to make a difference. We at Teach For India are doing it, our customers are able to take that forward and helping in educating kids," she said. On the film front, Neha has projects like 'Santa Banta' and 'Moh Maya Money' in her kitty.



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